2023 — Priorities for this new year for the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem

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2023 is starting soon, and the team is working hard for this new year. Want to know what Bamboo DeFi will be working on in the coming months? Keep reading!

Priorities for this new year for the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem


  1. Following the vote proposed through Bamboo Governance, the community has decided not to increase the maximum BAMBOO supply.
  2. The issuance was completely stopped on December 22nd, 2022, at 5 pm UTC, avoiding delivering more rewards thanks to the Farm or Pool.
  3. People can withdraw from Farms and Pools at any time the rewards generated up to the time of the issuance stopped.
  4. The team’s first steps of 2023 are focused on rebranding Bamboo DeFi and updating the DeFi’s website.

What about the supply of BAMBOO?

A few days ago, we launched a Snapshot (Governance) for the Bamboo DeFi community to decide whether or not to increase the BAMBOO supply.

The reason? Read that Medium blog.

Finally, the community decided not to increase the maximum supply of BAMBOO and stop issuing the token. Ok, but how are we going to make it?

Let’s check this quick FAQ!

A short guide to understanding the BAMBOO issuance stop

These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) you may have.

When will the BAMBOO issuance be stopped? What will happen?

The issuance of $BAMBOO tokens was stopped yesterday. It means that, as of this moment, it will no longer be possible to Farm and earn rewards in Pools.

Date of the stop: December 22nd, 2022, at 5 pm UTC.

Can I withdraw the rewards earned?

Yes. You can do it anytime from NOW for both Farms and Pools (if you already have one).

You will be able to withdraw the $BAMBOO generated up to the time of the issuance stop (December 22nd, 2022, at 5 pm UTC).

How does it affect the Pools and Farms I have?

Those of you who have made Pools:

  • They are kept until the end date
  • Once finished, you could claim the amount earned (as normal)

In the case of having Farms:

  • You could claim what has been generated until the date indicated.
  • After that, Farms will not reward anymore


  • If you have a Pool created before the issuance stop date, you will receive your rewards within the stipulated time.
  • For Farms, you will only receive rewards up to the issuance stop date.

👀 NOTE. Some of you probably don’t see the ROI correctly that the Pools you have active are generating. Don’t worry! These rewards are being generated, but these changes are not shown on the front-end of the web. We will fix it soon!

Can Pools or Farms be resumed at any time?

Yes. As we already indicated when we announced the voting, the Pools or Farms will be resumed once the BAMBOO is reduced to 25 million. How? Thanks to the burning of the token through its use in Hashapon.

When will Hashapon be released?

The team has yet to set a fixed date for the launch of the game, but we are confident that it will be in 2023. We will soon reveal a small guide with our priorities for the game.

To stay informed: https://mtr.bio/hashapon

Our first steps for 2023: priorities & goals

At the beginning of this year, we will focus mainly on two areas:

  • Rebranding
  • Bamboo DeFi website
First steps of Bamboo DeFi in 2023

More information about the 2023 overview here.


Our 🎯 priorities for the rebranding of Bamboo are:

  • Brand concept for Bamboo DeFi
  • Logo redesign
  • Brand Book
  • Web concept
  • Brand launch

Our brand and values were becoming very outdated and needed to be refreshed. Therefore, the graphic elements, tone, voice, and logo will be completely renewed.

We want to show you more previews of the new brand in the coming months (Q1 of 2023). The Bamboo ecosystem will be based on these new concepts, which are much more visual and cooler.

Bamboo DeFi website

These are our 🎯 goals for the next year for the DeFi website:

  • Web design updated
  • New architecture
  • Development of the new DeFi
  • Improving the final website
  • Defining DeFi services + improving display

Our website had to adapt to our users’ new needs and the ecosystem’s future. Therefore, we have made some aesthetic changes such as the web design, the services’ display and the improvement you’d love. It is completely changed and looks better!

We will have to wait a little longer, although it will also be available in the coming months.

What else should you know?

We would like to thank all those users who took a moment to choose the max. supply should be. Our community continues to be an essential part of Bamboo DeFi and needs to be heard in making the decisions for the future of the ecosystem.

In addition, our team will release in the coming weeks an overview and upcoming events for Hashapon in 2023, officially being the year it will be released.

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