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4 min readDec 13, 2022


Like bamboo plants do, the ecosystem of our DeFi is growing. But what’s exactly changing and why? Discover what impulses this growth and how you can help us raise even more!


  1. Incorporating new protocols in the DeFi increased the number of users on the platform and the rewards delivered.
  2. As a result, the maximum supply of $BAMBOO has been reached (30M $BAMBOO) faster!
  3. However, the team continues working on new and big projects to grow and add value to the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem.
  4. Due to the possibilities we have yet to explore, we leave it up to you whether or not to increase the max. supply of $BAMBOO. Find all the information in this article!

From a tiny seed to a giant bamboo

As many of you may remember, the community decided on the maximum supply of $BAMBOO a year and a half ago. Since then, $BAMBOO has been launched on three different networks:

  • BSC
  • Polygon
  • Velas
From a small seed to a big ecosystem

These launches increased the number of users and rewards delivered at the DeFi, coming hand in hand with deflationary features (for example, the Bamboo Lottery). But they were not enough, and, as a result, the maximum supply of $BAMBOO has been reached (30M $BAMBOO) too early.

The bamboo ecosystem has evolved, so we must develop to adapt to these changes!

Watering for growth is key

The team is working on more projects, adding great and powerful value to the ecosystem. Although we have discussed them before, we remind you of the key points on which the team focuses. 👇🏻

We are working on…


The goal is to create a new brand that better represents the new values of our brand. The team is already building a clearer, renewed and more brand identity.

We have already given some clues about the colours used:

Colours of the new brand

Bamboo DeFi website

It will be simpler and easier to understand by anyone: simplified processes, redistribution of the web content and improved services offered, plus a new design!

Display of the DeFi services

Services offered in the DeFi, like Farms or Pools, will be updated to be more functional and simple.


We are closer to being able to provide realistic dates for our progress on the game. As you know, Hashapon will serve as a deflationary system to reduce the circulating supply of $BAMBOO.

New deflationary system

As announced months ago in the rewards reduction, the team has to work on a new deflationary system to reach the new goals and reduce the emission of $BAMBOO.

It’s up to you to decide the future of Bamboo DeFi

Although many of you are clear about whether or not you want to increase the $BAMBOO supply, we want to be transparent in our decisions.

You decide how much the max. supply should be!

We leave this decision to you through Governance:

  • Not to increase the max. supply. The emission of $BAMBOO will stop immediately and restart once the game is out and the total supply reaches 25M of $BAMBOO.
  • Increase the max. supply of $BAMBOO to 50 M.
  • Increase the max. supply of $BAMBOO to 70 M.
  • Increase the max. supply of $BAMBOO to 90 M.

The community is a fundamental part of the ecosystem, so we need you to take part in this decision! Key dates:

  • December 20th — 11 am UTC: Governance starts
  • December 22nd — 11 am UTC: Governance ends
  • December 23rd — 12 pm UTC: New blog with results + New goals

To decide on the proposal, you will need to have $BAMBOO staked in your wallet, so have them ready by this day!

Remember that if you have questions, you have Telegram communities and social media accounts to ask and find what you are looking for.

All links:

Update 1 (Dec 15th 2022) — Updated the new dates of the Governance.

Update 2 (Dec 20th 2022) What’s coming up in 2023 in Bamboo DeFi?



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