What’s coming up in 2023 in the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem?

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4 min readDec 16, 2022


Hi there, community.

After a few months of uncertainty, we can finally tell you what will be in the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem in 2023. By doing that, you’ll see:

  • What are the priority tasks we are working on.
  • What we want to focus on.

As you can see, there is still some way to fully develop the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem. Our goal is to give you feedback every time we have news, or we are reaching our goals.

Bamboo DeFi in 2023 An overview of the following year in the ecosystem

Bamboo DeFi in 2023


  • New brand concept for Bamboo DeFi
Our values
  • Logo redesign

The Bamboo DeFi brand is almost wholly defined. Very soon (Q1 of 2023), we’ll be able to talk about it and show you the new logo redesign, how it was designed and more details!

👀 A quick spoiler:

Logo redesign — Before / After
  • New Brand Book of Bamboo DeFi

It allows us to define Bamboo DeFi’s brand ecosystem. A short preview:

New Brand Book of Bamboo DeFi
  • Web concept
  • Brand launch


  • Web design update

The new design of the Bamboo DeFi website is almost ready. It will be much more intuitive, easier to use and with a better visual appearance. More details will be revealed soon and available for everyone!

👀 Sneek peak:

  • New web architecture

The menu and info architecture of the website will change completely. We already mentioned it a few weeks ago, but we remind you again:

Menu of Bamboo DeFi: before / after
  • Development of the new DeFi website

It’s hard, but we’re on the right way. Very close to show you more! 😉

  • Improve the final Bamboo DeFi website
  • Definition of DeFi services
  • Improve the display of DeFi services

3️⃣ DEFI

  • Fix basic DeFi issues

We will consider community issues being resolved as soon as possible to improve the user experience.

  • Determine new deflationary mechanisms

The $BAMBOO token needs new deflationary systems. Some of them are GameFi (Hashapon) and an update of the Bridge.

  • Improve DeFi services

How? Including new Bamboo Friends, trying to improve the lottery system and more upcoming improvements we’ll tell you about in the future.


  • Brand Book of Hashapon

Mostly worked, as you may know. How does it affect? Take a look!

Brand Book of Hashapon
  • Hashapon LORE

It will help us identify how each animal species behaves and what the whole Hashapon universe is based on. 🌍

  • Define Play-To-Earn & features
  • Website design

A preview will be ready in the coming months.

  • Website development
  • Launch of the game (Alpha phase)
  • NFT integration on Bamboo DeFi website


  • Outer Ring Pet Lootboxes

You will be able to find out more about this special collab in the coming months.

  • Basic guide for new users

Whether you are a newcomer or an old hand, this guide will help users who know nothing about crypto or want to brush up on concepts.

  • Global fixes of the DeFi

To make the DeFi better after the launch of the final DeFi website. ;)

  • Gitbook + Whitepaper renewed

Easy, more comfortable to read and more accessible to everyone.

  • Bamboo Analytics

Your fav tokens in real time.

And it doesn’t end here! 🙌🏻 We want to grow even more thanks to our community’s feedback, so we are constantly listening to them.

Follow our social media channels to find out what changes are coming! 🐼



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