BambooDeFi Official

Jul 14, 2021

2 min read


We know the wait has been long, but we felt it was important that BambooDeFi was launched in the safest possible way for all our users.

BAMBOO’s contract at BSC is this:

As you can see in this wallet, there is the necessary amount to negotiate the bridges to BSC in the CEX in which we are currently listed and also contains sufficient amount to provide the liquidity contributions in Pancakeswap as discussed in previous posts. Once the bridges have been negotiated on the CEXs, the remaining BAMBOO will be burnt.

The initial liquidity ratio was : 29630.85 Bamboo / 10000 BUSD.

Liquidity has been blocked for 10 years in Dxsale: (REMEMBER …HAVE YOUR WALLET CONNECTED TO BE ABLE TO CHECK IT)

The address for swaps is :

The links to add liquidity are:



The link to dextools is :

Farming will start tomorrow, the link to access the Bamboo BSC website is: (we are still adjusting some details for its official launch), although during the next few days this will change to

The Bridge will be launched later tonight, we are finishing some adjustments and we will deploy it shortly.

Official Site: /

Official TG:



Nexxyo Labs: