Voting results of the products for the BambooDeFi Shop

On Wednesday, June 23rd, the following voting was launched for our Bamboo Lovers! You had until today, Friday, June 25, to vote and choose what you like the most!


Here are the product options, you have to choose all the products you would like to see in our store… Remember you can choose more than one!!

  1. T-Shirts = Mujer y Hombre
  2. Hoodies = Mujer y Hombre
  3. Mugs = Unisex
  4. Face Mask = Unisex
  5. Posters = Unisex
  6. Phone Cases = Unisex
  7. Bags = Unisex
  8. Mouse Pads = Unisex
  9. Bottles and Tumblers = Unisex
  10. Magnets and = Unisex

The result of the voting was:

  1. T-Shirts = 90.13%
  2. Hoodies = 36.9%
  3. Face Mask = 30.25%
  4. Posters = 30.14%
  5. Mouse Pads = 24.5%
  6. Mugs = 21.71%
  7. Magnets and Stickers = 21.34%
  8. Bottles and Tumblers = 21.32%
  9. Bags = 20.99%
  10. Phone Cases = 11.12%

So Bamboo Lovers, we will do our best to get the products you want as soon as possible in our store and open it so that you can start having all the BambooDeFI items!!!

Thanks to all who voted and participated to keep moving forward and improving our project!!!!

We will leave you the link where soon the store will be available along with the products you chose!!!



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