The new Bamboo DeFi brand germinates full of energy and colour

Bamboo DeFi
4 min readJun 22, 2023


After months of nurturing and care, the new Bamboo DeFi brand is ready to emerge and shine as it deserves! As we mentioned before, Bamboo has embraced a new user-driven mission where we change our look while retaining the essence and power of our ecosystem.

This rebranding effort has impacted the entire brand 🐼 ecosystem: the BAMBOO token image and the brand logo, and it will also influence the web design.

Finally, a new Bamboo has flourished, paving the way for a new future. 🌱💚

The new Bamboo DeFi brand germinates full of energy and colour

Discover why Bamboo DeFi has replaced its leaves

Just like plants, bamboo requires daily watering and care to support its crop.

First, we trimmed the old Bamboo DeFi leaves and replaced them with new ones. The Bamboo logo and visual identity flourished and shone back then but now need to be replaced. Our main goal is to establish a new brand with a simple, minimalist and pleasing aesthetic in line with what Bamboo represents.

What could be improved from the old brand

On the other hand, it’s important to note that pandas are relaxed, simple and friendly animals, values that are now reflected in the new Bamboo DeFi! 🫶

The old logo / The new logo

Minimalist, relaxed and accessible: that is the new Bamboo DeFi brand

It was necessary to start from scratch to grow a fresh and renewed image, thus nurturing a new Bamboo that allows its leaves to shine in terms of appearance and communication.

A new panda means a new brand logo

We have always been identified with a panda and bamboo, right? They could not be missing in the new Bamboo DeFi, although we have taken care to incorporate geometric and organic shapes such as circles (for the panda) and rectangles (for the bamboo). 🐼🎍

About the Bamboo token symbol:

Vibrant colours that complement the new panda

The new panda germinates with unique colours:

  • The green now resembles bamboo: being more opaque and less bright.
  • In addition to black and white, other colours in the panda’s colour palette reflect the attitude of this animal, such as purple, a colour symbolising spirituality and authenticity.

Secondary colours that enhance the Bamboo DeFi colour spectrum:

Writing with kindness and accessibility

Pandas can’t write, that’s for sure! But if they could, they would be proud of the typography changes that represent the new brand.

We have now adopted an accessible, versatile, friendly font with clean strokes that recalls how docile pandas can be or how peaceful bamboo forests are.

The old fonts / The new font

Building the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem

The Bamboo DeFi ecosystem is expanding: the old brand has been pruned and refreshed with new resources; the visual identity has been revamped, and a renewed DeFi platform will be launched soon.

The new Bamboo is ready for the new future: new goals and opportunities await us in the forests!

Bamboo DeFi ecosystem



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