Reducing BAMBOO’s circulating supply

  • Main reasons to reduce rewards are to regulate the circulating supply and reduce inflation/deflation.
  • The amount reduced is 50% which means you will now receive 50 $BAMBOO per block.
  • The reduction will be effective the August 17th, 2022.
  • Gamification, specifically Hashapon, is essential to achieve it.
  • Our team is working to reach new goals and create new objectives!

Reasons for the incentive reduction

  • To control the balance between the issuance and the incentive.
  • Manage inflation and deflation of the token.
  • Reduce circulating token supply.
  • Reward those who have bet on Bamboo DeFi’s project.
Why we reduce incentives on Bamboo DeFi?

How much will it be reduced?

How affect this incentive reduction?

When will this step be effective?

Hashapon and the importance of gamification

Hashapon project

Bamboo DeFi in the future



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