Reducing BAMBOO’s circulating supply

  • The amount reduced is 50% which means you will now receive 50 $BAMBOO per block.
  • The reduction will be effective the August 17th, 2022.
  • Gamification, specifically Hashapon, is essential to achieve it.
  • Our team is working to reach new goals and create new objectives!

Reasons for the incentive reduction

As most of you may know, there are many possibilities to earn money while trading your cryptocurrency in our DeFi: pools, farming, friends or field.

  • Manage inflation and deflation of the token.
  • Reduce circulating token supply.
  • Reward those who have bet on Bamboo DeFi’s project.
Why we reduce incentives on Bamboo DeFi?

How much will it be reduced?

The incentive reduction will modify every product we have on the exchange by a 50%.

How affect this incentive reduction?

When will this step be effective?

We are conscious that probably not all of you know about this issue. Therefore, we will leave you fifteen days until today to move to this new measure.

Hashapon and the importance of gamification

In addition to the reasons commented above, gamification is a big part of Bamboo DeFi’s project. As most of you know, Hashapon is one of the gamification projects of the Bamboo DeFi’s ecosystem, and its objective is crucial to burn and rebuy tokens.

Hashapon project

Bamboo DeFi in the future

Despite that, there is so much to explore for us! Bamboo DeFi is looking to solve some issues that are actually affecting us: our brand ecosystem, our website or even the product we offer you.



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