Our participation in Block World Tour’21 Motril

Thank you!

First of all, we would like to thank the entire organization and Woonkly, it has been an enriching event and from which we have returned with a suitcase loaded with the contributions and knowledge of the speakers who participated in the different panels.

Our participation

On Friday we participated in the DEFI Panel and talked about our projects, both present as Bamboo DEFI, or future, as the Bamboo Card or the work we are doing on peer to peer credit system, also about the growing importance of gamification … always with the aim of expanding the horizons of DEFI and go beyond this digital world to reconnect with the ordinary citizen.

Still more to come

We have closed some more alliances, but you will have to wait until we have everything more detailed to give you more information (we have to keep something to surprise you!).



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BambooDeFi Official

BambooDeFi Official

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