New Bamboo Friends! Stake with BambooDEFI and VSION and get rewarded!

Now on BambooDEFI you can stake BambooDEFI or VSION to get VSION as a reward.

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2 min readNov 5, 2021

Bamboo & VSION Lovers

We have some news that we are sure you will love: We now have Bamboo Friends with VSION!

VSION is the official currency of our partners at CRIPTOVISIÓN, with whom we have formed a strategic alliance.

What can you get?

OPTION 1: Deposit BAMBOO and you will be rewarded with VSION.

OPTION 2: Deposit VSION and receive VSION. In this option there is a minimum stake of 2.000 VSION (in BAMBOO there is no minimum).

Both will have a duration of approximately 3 months (2,628,000 blocks) and a total reward of 1,000,000 VSION in each of the options.

When do the rewards start?

The smart contracts are already deployed and the rewards start on Friday, November 5th at 16h (GMT +1).

You will find more information about the VSION token, project and contract in the Bamboo Friends section.

Contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!

Official Site: /
Official TG:
Nexxyo Labs:

And remember! Our BambooShop is now available at to buy our exclusive products and make your inner Panda grooooow.



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