Gabriel, aka The Swiss Dad.

His work experience has been linked to design for a few years now, from product design in the world of patents and utility models, interior design and marketing work to web design for companies and third party platforms.

He is currently dedicated at NexxyoLabs to the development and design of web and mobile applications, helping with his freelance experience in the sector.

He is now focusing his work on the BambooDeFi platform, a tool for the decentralized economy that is looking to grow and expand and to which we are constantly adding features.

The spirit of entrepreneurship and the search for knowledge is fundamental nowadays, he loves to try new things and investigate new trends, he considers it a fundamental pillar for a developer. Being restless is a virtue that must be pampered every day and that in this profession is paramount.

The union between programming and the freedom that gives web design is an exciting and constantly evolving mix and is what most attracts him and why he entered a world full of black screens and complex languages.

“Humanizing an idea that hides behind mathematics and making it accessible to everyone is something that continues to excite me, and that connects directly with the world of crypto-economics in which the team behind BambooDeFi firmly believes is going to be, if it is not already, the new revolution.”


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