Meet BambooDeFi Team- Update 3-

Bamboo DeFi
Mar 16, 2021


Javier Larumbe — CTO

As we promised, besides giving you good news about BambooDeFi, we want to continue introducing the team behind our favorite animal: The Panda.

His name is Javier Larumbe, aka Gauss. — CTO -

He is our CTO of BambooDeFi.

He has worked as Test Engineer and programmer in military aeronautic projects, also he has developed control tools for wind turbines.

He has developed software in virtual reality and multimedia projects for Microventures. He participated in the development team of Nefertitys, an authenticity and traceability certification system through NFC chips.

He studied telecommunications engineering specializing in image and sound and graduated as a multiplatform application developer. Previously he worked with Daniel Valdes in a previous project related to blockchain and ATMs.

“Since I was child I have loved computing, programming and everything that goes with it, I have really enjoyed making small tools to help speed up routine tasks. I am happy to have discovered the world of blockchain. I would love to be able to combine it all with my other 2 passions, music and video games. Cheers and Rock and Roll!”


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