Héctor R. Abril — Technological collaborator -

After finishing his computer science studies in Zamora, Hector spent four years in different jobs until he made the decision to create his own technology consulting firm developing projects for the Internet, XenonFactory.es. After more than ten years creating e-commerce solutions, tools for public institutions and platforms for service providers, a new path he wants to build on decentralized finance and Blockchain technology.

Passionate about motorcycles and circuits, more about riding than watching others do it, he has found a good place in Bamboo DeFi where he can improve professionally and enjoy working with a committed and extraordinarily motivated team.

Eclectic musical taste, with a deep feeling for nature and educated in the value of the word and respect for commitment. With an inherent feeling for effort and avoids idleness. Unabashedly curious and a lover of vicarious learning.

“I believe in the magic of people participating in the changes that change society. I could not participate in the British revolution and its steam industry, but now I can be part of the economic and financial revolution of the 21st century”.


Official site: www.bamboodefi.com

Official TG: https://t.me/BambooDeFi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FiBamboo

Email: contact@bamboodefi.com

Nexxyo Labs: www.nexxyolabs.com



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BambooDeFi Official

BambooDeFi Official

Our DeFi is ready for your trading, staking and farming needs. Make your inner panda grow! Available on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon & Velas networks.