It’s time to make big changes in the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem: meet the reasons and our new goals

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5 min readNov 9, 2022


It’s time to define a new era for Bamboo DeFi. It is no longer a platform offering decentralised financial products. The Bamboo DeFi ecosystem wants to grow and improve. We’re going to talk about it here! 🐼


  1. The Bamboo DeFi ecosystem is growing and therefore needs to be renewed. To do that, we have set new goals and are working on updating the services offered.
  2. All our efforts are focused on designing a clearer brand identity that better represents Bamboo values. It will help them to update the rest of the ecosystem services.
  3. The Bamboo website will be renewed to have a simpler and easier-to-understand design for any who wants to invest.
  4. The team will improve the services offered in our DeFi to make them more functional.
  5. What about Hashapon? The Play-And-Earn game of the ecosystem continues to develop. We expect to give you more info when it’s available!
  6. Bamboo DeFi Whitepaper could be reviewed and updated to be adapted to the changes we will include.

Key data to understand what is happening

External factors such as the global crisis caused by COVID-19, the increased use of other DeFi and the evolution of other projects within the company have generated some gaps that could be improved. Some of them are:

  • Brand. Bamboo DeFi does not efficiently carry the values that determine its identity. Comparing how developed the brand is with the rest of DeFis (like BiSwap, Pancake Swap or others), we can see that its little panda has a long way to go.
  • Web. If something also needs upgrading, it is the Bamboo DeFi website. It needs to include all the functionalities to be the DeFi chosen by the users, including an updated and modern design.
  • Community. Although there has been a lot of support from the community over the years, now we would like to involve users more by increasing transparency.
  • The Bamboo DeFi ecosystem. Bamboo DeFi is not just a brand or a DeFi; the ecosystem also includes a Play-And-Earn game, a great community and will include a new and complete experience.
Gaps that could be improved

The ecosystem is growing, and the DEX must take big steps to make our inner panda bigger! 🐼

Setting new goals for a new future

Moving into the future means setting new goals. The old milestones no longer represent the Bamboo brand, so Bamboo DeFi must set new goals to meet the actual user needs and the market:

  • To have a minimalist and calm website that is user-friendly.
  • Create a brand and corporate entity that correctly identifies Bamboo DeFi’s values.
  • Positioning Bamboo DeFi as the panda bear DeFi.
  • Generate an active community with people interested in decentralised services.
  • Grow the ecosystem by developing a Play-And-Earn game.

Working in the future of the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem

Growing the inner panda is not as easy as we thought. So, to achieve the new goals and give a better experience to you, we need to work in different areas.

Updating the Bamboo DeFi’s brand

Compared to other competitors, the Bamboo DeFi brand needs to be updated to match the new identity, but also the website and services offered.

So, the current goal is to incorporate brand values into the logo design. The team is now building a clearer, renewed and more beautiful image that does represent what the team is looking for and the brand values.

Renewing the Bamboo DeFi website

The Bamboo website will be renewed to have a simpler and easier-to-understand design for any who wants to invest.

Bamboo website will have a simpler design

How will it be worked? By analysing what others do, the services offered in the market, simplifying the current Bamboo DeFi processes and redistributing the web content while applying the new brand. Is it easy? No, but the team wants to increase the ecosystem’s size to the one deserved. 😈

New services for a new Bamboo DeFi

The team is not only renewing the design or how the web info is displayed, but Bamboo is also sharing an improvement of existing services!

The organisation of menus: before / after

This benefits those using our platform because Farms, Pools and other services will now be updated and more functional.

Hashapon: the NFT game of the Bamboo ecosystem

Hashapon is a Play And Earn game inside the Bamboo DeFi ecosystem. Users can collect digital pets and/or battle with them in tournaments organised in the community to win $BAMBOO.

Continue developing and designing Hashapon!

The game’s priority is to grow the ecosystem and serve as a deflationary system for the DeFi, while players create their own collection of randomised pets.

We expect to give you more info about what we are working on soon when we have it!

What to expect from now?

It is not something that is achieved overnight: the team is already working, although there is a lot to do. People need to be patient until the panda grows! 🐼📈

In addition, the Bamboo DeFi Whitepaper could be reviewed and updated to be adapted to the changes we are going to include.

Remember that by following our social channels, you can be in touch with our community and news coming up!

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