We want to show you the changes introduced to www.bamboodefi.com website and inform you about the progress being made in the backstage of BambooDeFi while we are busy working on the launch of our platform!


All SmartContrats are now in audit, during the next 10 days we will receive the results and upload the reports delivered by RED4SEC (www.red4sec.com/eng ) to our website.


We will start public testing as soon as possible. Prepare your KOVAN test network ETH.


ChainX :

Tomorrow the current IEO phase ends:


On the 17th the third and final phase of IEO begins:


BambooDeFi will be listed between January 31st and February 5th, awaiting the distribution of the Bamboo sold on ChainX. We will make an official announcement the same day of the listing to avoid possible fraudulent Bamboo listed in Uniswap.

This is our SC, do not interact with other SCs:



As we already announced, BambooDeFi will be available in MXC ( www.mxc.com ) during the first days of February. The date is not yet fixed, but we will keep you all informed.

Other Exchanges:

As a result of the news about the listing on MXC, several exchanges have contacted us and we are negotiating the possibility of listing on more exchanges.


A few weeks ago, we reached an agreement with BIGCOIN VIETNAM to expand and improve our communication and presence in Vietnam. It is a pleasure for us to work together with them to make BambooDeFi better known and become a recognized brand.


We have reached an agreement to list Bamboo in the ezDeFi Wallet, as we already told in another article. https://ezdefi.com/

We are negotiating to implement Bamboo in more wallets, we will inform you about the progress.


The sale of this second phase is being slower than the initial phase. On Monday 18th, we will launch a announcement, where we will give concrete details about this second phase.

Nexxyo Labs is a software development company, based in Spain. We are developers of BambooDeFi,Aurora ATMs, OuterRing MMO, and Experiencia360.

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