Dear BambooDeFi Community,we have been frequently asked, when we will start our Bamboo Pre-sale.

We can happily announce the details of our pre-sale, which is the first opportunity to purchase Bamboo Tokens (BAMBOO).

Pre-Sale metrics:

  • Pre-sale starts on 6th of November 2020
  • Pre-sale ends when the IEO starts (25th of December)
  • Pre-Sale price: 0.20€ per Bamboo Token (BAMBOO)
  • Minimum purchase amount during pre-sale: 2000 €
  • Maximun purchase amount during pre-sale: 25000 €
  • Only 2,500,000 Bamboo are on sale in the pre-sale.
  • All Bamboo that is not sold during pre-sale will be burned.

How to buy:

Step1: Get whitelisted sending and email with your data(Name, surname, address and ID or driving license ,the amount you want to buy , in which currency or crypto-currency you plan to pay and a erc20 compatible wallet for example metamask or trustwallet….) to :


  • Step 2: We will check your data and notify you, if all is well and if we can proceed with the sale.
  • Step 3: We will send you the legal docs, which consists of the Purchase Contract (with the information you provided during the whitelisting) and the Token Sale Terms and Conditions
  • Step 4: Conclusion of Purchase Contract
  • Step5: Once the payment is received, the tokens are sent to the established wallet.

Who is eligible to be whitelisted?

We will whitelist all parties and individuals, who are not excluded according to the provisions in our WP.

If you are unsure, whether you can comply with these provisions, you can state your concerns in this e-mail

Bamboo Token:

Bamboo Token (BAMBOO) is an ERC-20 compliant token, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

For all further details about Bamboo, please refer to our WHITEPAPER ,our website and our Official Telegram Group.

Token tracker :

You can know us a bit better at

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