BambooDeFi in Crossing The Yellow Blocks !

We’ve been saying this, and we will say it louder: great things are coming for BambooDeFi.

BambooDeFi team is always working to improve the project, and we haven’t stopped since the beginning. We keep developing new marketing strategies and listening to our users.

We know that’s the only way to make BambooDeFi grow and to have more users around the world.

That’s why we attended the AIBC Summit event, where we had the chance to meet new people and to introduce BambooDeFi among some of the greatest persons in the Cryptoworld.

But that is not all we have accomplished!

In the picture you see above part of our team (Maria Alejandra [CMO] and Ignacio [Lawyer], in the center) met the heads of Cometoland Productions team (from left to right: Alejandro Regojo, Alex Hevia, Noe Rosello and Alex Armengol), who are going to produce “Crossing The Yellow Blocks”.

“Crossing The Yellow Blocks” is a cryptocurrency documentary produced in Andorra by Cometoland Productions, and it will be released in more than seventy countries and on different platforms: Google Play, Apple TV, Rakuten TV and Amazon Prime Video.

If that ain’t a huge step forward… BambooDeFi will be known worldwide thanks to that. You will see us talking about DeFi and Bamboo itself and we are very happy about that. Because the world needs this kind of information to make advances in the economy. Or that’s how we feel about it.

Here you can see the URL to its website:


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Nexxyo Labs:

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