The IEO will be launched on ChainX from December 25 to January 30.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with ChainX for the launch of BambooDeFi through their exchange. This is a great step for the implementation of BambooDeFi in the overall market.

Firstly, we are going to explain our initial product launch and the initial token distribution.

We want to be totally transparent with our community.

Before the launch of the IEO, a pre-sale will be held, the exact dates are to be announced during next week.

Minted at token creation: 8,666,666 BAMBOO (The mint will be controlled by SC before the end of the IEO)

Pre-Sale: 0,20€ por BAMBOO (max. 25.000€ per investor)

Max 2.500.000 Bamboo distributed in pre-sale.


The periods of sale of the IEO, are divided into three phases with different prices.

Sales period:

2020–12–25 14:00(KST) ~ 2021–01–30 13:00(KST)

1ROUND : 2020–12–25 ~ 2021–01–05 , 1BAMBOO=0.0009 ETH

2ROUND : 2021–01–06 ~ 2021–01–16 , 1BAMBOO=0.0012 ETH

3ROUND : 2021–01–17 ~ 2021–01–30 , 1BAMBOO=0.0015 ETH

The hardcap of each phase is proposed to reach the greatest number of users possible without affecting the good performance of the token. All unsold tokens during the IEO and Pre-sale, will be burned.

Hardcap :




In the pursuit of sustaining and improving the performance of the Bamboo token we will be listed on Uniswap , the same day as the ChainX IEO ends.
Through the incentive system, staking, raindrop and multipliers for LPs, we intend to boost the launch of Bamboo and its sustainability over time.

In addition to the sustainability of the platform, liquidity will be provided to the main pools.

Initial liquidity for pools: 25% of all IEO funds collected.

You can see the central contract of our ecosystem through Etherscan. BambooDeFi is based on a set of SmartContracts that manage from Governance to AMM or BBYP, independently but coordinated with the central SmartContract

Token tracker :

Stay Panda! Stay tuned!

Nexxyo Labs is a software development company, based in Spain. We are developers of BambooDeFi,Aurora ATMs, OuterRing MMO, and Experiencia360.

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