Bamboo receives a Grant to be one of the first dex on Velas blockchain.

Velas blockchain had launched a competition to incorporate the best products from the defi ecosystem into its blockchain. The winner, as you read in the title, was your favourite panda.

BambooDefi will become on of the first AMM/DEX of Velas blockchain .

The Swiss blockchain, having found a partnership with Solana earlier this year, provides a new bridge of communication with the NexxyoLabs team. Let’s hope that landing Bamboo on its blockchain is just the first step of a long road together in the blockchain lands.

From September, Velas users will be able to access our DEX/AMM to buy bamboo, farm their cryptocurrencies, do stacking, participate in airdrops, launch proposals in our snapshot… and dive into all the possibilities offered by our panda.

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