Bamboo + Olive pool & farm !

Dear Bamboo Lovers!

We have news for you!

We have reached an agreement with OliveCash (Binance Smart Chain) and we have decided to create a new pool with them.

The Olive Garden BambooDeFi Pool:

  • Total Tokens: 17,000 BAMBOO
  • Distribution duration: 1,000,000 blocks, approx. 34 days
  • Start: August 17th ~14:00 UTC
  • Token rewards per block: 0,017 BAMBOO
  • Token address: 0x198abb2d13faa2e52e577d59209b5c23c20cd6b3

Stake OLIVE tokens, to earn BAMBOO tokens!

New Farm:

BAMBOO-BNB farm is active on and will have 2x OLIVE rewards for the first two days, then returns to 1x OLIVE rewards.

OliveCash aims to foster the AMM, Yeild Farming and DeFi market by facilitating the participation of traditional investors to the crypto-ecosystem.

How do you stake OLIVE to earn BAMBOO rewards?

  • Visit this webpage:
  • Click “Approve OLIVE” on the BAMBOO Olive Garden Pool.
  • Click on the stake button.
  • Confirm the transaction!

Here is an image of our Pool with OliveCash:

Official Site:

Official TG:



Nexxyo Labs:

Nexxyo Labs is a software development company, based in Spain. We are developers of BambooDeFi,Aurora ATMs, OuterRing MMO, and Experiencia360.