Bamboo NEWS : Possibility of merge/adhession with another crypto community.

Hi Bambooers !

We have important announcements to make that require explanations to be can understood in depth.

BambooDeFi has the possibility to merge whit another project together with its community… This action implies a vote.

The adhession whit the project, would imply:

  • Obtaining new tools
  • The negotiation for the implementation of Bamboo in the CEXs where the other project is located.
  • The expansion of the Bamboo community.
  • The need to swap the tokens of the other project for Bamboo.

In the case that the vote is favorable, the way to face this merge by the Bamboo team will be as follows:

  1. For this we will have to mint( in BSC) 5 million Bamboo, in this way we will be able to face the token swap in order to absorb/merge the project, all unused Bamboo will be burned.
  2. A Locker/crowdsale contract will be used which will have established times that generate an exponential return curve that is yet to be defined.
  3. All the users of the project to be absorbed will have a prudential time to lock their tokens in this SmartContract. Once this time is over, the Bamboos will be unlocked according to the return curve proposed.

This will be done in this way to avoid depreciation of Bamboo.

By implementing the Bridge so that the new Bamboo in BSC can be distributed between both networks (ETH-BSC) within the CEXs, we estimate that 500K to 600k of Bamboo will need to be mined, of course all unused Bamboo will be burned.

Tokpie have right now around 30 k tokens for the the Bridge so that the new Bamboo in BSC can be distributed between both networks (ETH-BSC) in CEX.

The liquidity to be contributed in Pancakeswap will be 10 thousand BUSD, therefore the amount of Bamboos to be minted will be equivalent to the liquidity contribution.

As you can see this is a very important decision that can make Bamboo grow a lot, so it is necessary to involve the whole community in this decision. We can’t give much more details right now, as we need to sign the agreement, but we want to make you participate and let the Bamboo users vote if they would agree with something like this.

During tomorrow we will launch a vote, with a simple YES/NO answer to the adhesion.

When we can give more data about the merge and you can know everything in detail, a new vote will be taken to validate if we are willing to do something like this, once we know all the data in detail.


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