Bamboo Governance is the section, used in, for community proposals. Any user can propose changes or send proposals to the Bamboo Defi community from the snapshots page.

Once the proposals have passed the filter of the development team, the importance, urgency and possibility of the proposal will be evaluated, and the voting will start, only users who have a Metamask wallet and have Bamboos in it will be able to vote.

The value of the votes is calculated according to the amount of Bamboo that the user has in his wallet. The more Bamboo they have in their wallet, the more weight their vote will have in the final decision.

Voting will last 48 hours from the launch of the proposal in the Bamboo Governance section. The result of the vote will be validated at the end of the 48 hours and will be executed in the shortest possible time. If the proposal does not have any participation, the proposal will be cancelled.

Proposals can only be in English, the official language, in case they are in any other language, they will be eliminated from the section.

Today the first vote is opened for the community and the theme of the proposal is divided into three sections.

The inclusion of three new pools :




Change the reward percentage of each pool

Currently 1 BAMBOO is distributed in the four Liquidity pools, 0.25 BAMBOO per block.

If the inclusion of the three new pools is approved, the payout percentage would change to 0.20 Bamboo per block in the 4 existing pools, 0.02 Bamboo per Block in BAMBOO- SHIELD and 0.09 Bamboo per Block in WBTC -WETH and USDT -DAI.

Lower the fee to 0.1% on WBTC -WETH and USDT -DAI pairs to encourage trading within the platform.

It will be a single vote on the three sections. Users will be able to accept, deny or forward the proposal to the development team to propose new whole proposal .


Nexxyo Labs is a software development company, based in Spain. We are developers of BambooDeFi,Aurora ATMs, OuterRing MMO, and Experiencia360.

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