Bamboo ETH to BSC bridge instructions.


In this new post we want to explain to you how Bridge works, the new feature added in BambooDeFi.

The operation of the bridge is very simple, in the side menu of the BambooDeFi Dapp, you will find the bridge icon (in the image below you will see it), from there you can access the bridge.

Once the bridge is selected, the application will take you to a general window with a screen like the one you will see in the following image.

ATTENTION!!! It is important that you remember to connect your wallet to the Dapp.

With your wallet already connected we proceed with the explanation.

You can see in the image above that there are two text entries on the card corresponding to the bridge:

  1. Wallet: Here you should put the destination address in BSC, that is, the wallet where you want the bamboo to be transferred from ETH to BSC.
  2. Amount: Simply the amount of Bamboo you want to transfer.

Once you have set the parameters correctly (always make sure, before performing the operation, that they are correct), the bridge will be approved.

To do so, click on the “Approve Bridge” button:

Which will open the corresponding window of your wallet to confirm the operation.

Once you have approved the bridge, you must click on “Bridge to BSC!” which will redirect you to another window of your wallet to confirm the operation.

WARNING!!! Don’t panic if you see that the function being called is named BURN, don’t worry you won’t burn your Bamboo, once you confirm, it will be transferred to the BSC network to the address you have provided for this operation.

Once the operation is confirmed, you must wait for the Bamboo equipment to execute the transmission script, which is executed every 6/8 hours both for security and to save gas costs by sending several requests at the same time.

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