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2 min readMar 28, 2022


Bamboo DeFi is starting a collaboration with the raising Play to Earn and Player Driven Economy Metaverse, Outer Ring MMO. For those that don’t know about the project yet, Outer Ring is a videogame developed by Nexxyo Labs, the business behind Bamboo Defi.

With this agreement, Bamboo and Outer Ring compromise into the development of a trustful relationship benefiting both parties while exploring the opportunities in the blockchain and metaverse ecosystem.

As a compromise to this collaboration, Bamboo Defi will introduce 300.000 BAMBOO into the Galactic Pools of Outer Ring. This way, people staking $GQ will receive BAMBOO and SCK, one of their in-game utility tokens, as a reward.

More about the Galactic Alliance

The contract that Bamboo Defi is signing states that:

The Galactic Alliance stands together in this process of growth and discovery of the possibilities presented by us in the fields of decentralization, web ownership and virtual worlds creation.

Other members of this organization are Dextools and more TBA. All are participating in the staking rewards system and looking to collaborate in other activities in the future.

Stay tuned! More surprises are on the way…

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