Bamboo DeFi Roadmap 2019/2021

BambooDeFi was born as a concept inside the software development company NexxyoLabs during 2019.

September 2019

✅ The idea of BambooDefi was born

October 2019

✅ New staff join NexxyoLabs.

✅Realization of first concept sketches.

December 2019

✅Selection of global image for the project.

Q1 2020

✅Analysis of DeFi´s in the market

✅Design and proof of concept on protocols.

✅Design and proof of concept on new implementations.

✅Start of development

Q2 2020

✅Further development

✅Study on new concept BBYP.

Q3 2020

✅Development on Staking , Raindrop and BBYP started.

✅First negotiations with partners.

Q4 2020

✅Incorporation of new personnel to NexxyoLabs.

✅Partial implementation of the project on the Ethereum’s testnet.

✅Start of marketing campaigns.

✅Beginning of the Telegram communities and groups.

✅First Agreement with Exchange: ChainX

✅First code audit performed by red4sec.

✅Launch of the Pre-Sale on November 6th.

🔸Launch of first phase of IEO in ChainX December 25.

🔸Total implementation of tool on the Ethereum testnet.

Q1 2021

🔸Launch of the second phase of the IEO at ChainX January 6.

🔸Launch of the third phase of the IEO in ChainX January 17.

🔸Final code audit performed by red4sec.

🔸Total implementation with test with users of the tool on the Ethereum’s testnet.

🔸End of IEO in ChainX January 30th.

🔸BAMBOO listing in ChainX and Uniswap on January 31.

🔸BambooDeFi launch on Mainnet on January 31st.

🔸Partial launch of pools on January 31st.

🔸Partial liquidity addition to the POOLS on January 31st.

🔸First iteration of the February 10th Raindrop.

🔸Repurchase of BAMBOO and subsequent burning

Q2 2021

🔸BambooCard implementation and mobile application

🔸Listing in more DEX to be confirmed.

🔸Listing in first level centralized exchanges, to be confirmed.

Q3 2021

🔸Study and Test of p2p lending system and escrow contracts.

Q4 2021

🔸Implementation of p2p lending system and escrow contracts.

Q1 2022

🔸First BBYP results delivery.

Nexxyo Labs is a software development company, based in Spain. We are developers of BambooDeFi,Aurora ATMs, OuterRing MMO, and Experiencia360.