Why use a panda as a brand image?

The Gigant Panda is one of the most powerful creatures.

It symbolizes the capacity to find a balance in life, or what is the same, the capacity to integrate the different aspects of your life to obtain a harmonic result.
From the BambooDeFi development team we believe that this perfectly represents what we are looking for for our ecosystem, an easy to use tool that maintains the balance between usability and reliability, always looking for the best result.

The panda also represents in many cultures the soft strength. What you can’t solve with brute force but with a soft and firm approach. As a project we know that firmness and softness when launching the platform and creating approaches to other projects will provide us with the desired results and will help us gain the respect of users and the DeFi ecosystem.

We cannot forget other meanings that Panda has. These are related to peace and good luck, and how having a positive outlook on life can make a difference. The panda also symbolizes perseverance to achieve your goals.

These two interpretations are directly linked to the approach of our staking and LP system. Patience pays off. Not in vain does the panda also symbolize the importance of patience.

The choice of panda and bamboo as a brand image for BambooDeFi, is based on these pillars that are aligned with those of our team and our favorite animal.

Can you imagine which one? The panda.

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