AMA (Sept 16th 2022) — The future of Bamboo DeFi and Hashapon

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4 min readSep 16, 2022

The Bamboo community deserved to have its doubts about the future of the exchange and projects resolved. For this reason, we organised an AMA answering the most relevant questions affecting our ecosystem.

#AMA Sept 16th 2022

Relevant data you need to know first

After more than one and a half years of giving rewards to our users, Bamboo DeFi 🐼 was created with the idea of being a safe and reliable place to invest. Users can obtain profitability by staking, farming, and other functions the platform allows.

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Since its launch, most of the goals in its roadmap have been achieved. However, other projects that affect DeFi and the $BAMBOO token have emerged, which are not on the roadmap. It’s, for example, the Play And Earn game called Hashapon.

Hashapon is a Play&Earn game 🐾 built on the BSC network as a Bamboo DeFi gamification project.

AMA questions: the future of Bamboo DeFi & Hashapon

Our team has selected the best and most Frequently Asked Questions you’ve asked us about Bamboo DeFi and Hashapon, the Play And Earn game. Curious to know more about the future of both? 🔍 Discover more here! 👇🏼

QUESTION 1 — Will the $BAMBOO supply increase by more than 30m?

We are not planning to increase the current supply of $BAMBOO. If necessary, we could increase the total supply by proposing a vote to the community through Governance. In this way, the supply could be expanded to the required amount.

QUESTION 2 — Have you thought of any alternative rewards for when $BAMBOO runs out?

It is preferable not to have to consider alternatives to rewards. Instead, it would be desirable to create a deflation system to balance the issue of $BAMBOO so as not to reach the maximum supply.

A series of improvements are being studied to provide more forms of deflation without affecting the Bamboo DeFi community.

QUESTION 3 — Bamboo Card will be released finally? What happened with the partnership with Crossing the Yellow Blocks?

If you didn’t know, Bamboo Card was a project that allowed $BAMBOO holders to pay with a particular credit card. However, Bamboo Card will finally not be released due to insufficient volume. Instead, we are looking at alternatives to see the viability of what Bamboo Card promised.

On the other hand, our CEO Dani Valdés had the opportunity to participate in the Crossing the Yellow Blocks documentary project representing Bamboo DeFi.

You can see his participation in Episode 2 of the following link:

QUESTION 4 — Why is it taking so long to release Hashapon? What is the marketing plan?

For Hashapon’s marketing plan, the community will be one of the main points to offer value and a good user experience.

It will be supported by a strategy of partners and collaborations with communities of interest to increase the presence of the game.

These are the main reasons why the game’s release date is taking so long: we want to offer the community the content and quality it deserves.

QUESTION 5 — Other questions about Hashapon

Is there a maximum total number of pets? No, there is not. However, by evolving pets on the same NFT and not generating a new one, we avoid creating excessive NFTs.

How will the $BAMBOO token be used? As we told you in Hashapon Medium blog #2, using $BAMBOO (and some BNB tokens), you’ll be able to:

  • Adopt new eggs
  • Participate in tournaments
  • Get rewarded with prizes
  • Feed your pets and make them grow
  • More features that will be added in the future

Check the above Medium blog to discover more!

Bamboo DeFi and Outer Ring partnership? Yup! Thanks to the Galactic Alliance between Bamboo DeFi and Outer Ring, we are constantly making Pools. We currently have an open one: we encourage you to participate by clicking here!

In addition, the Outer Ring will play an essential role in integrating the Hashapon pets into the metaverse. We are working on it and will let you know soon.

Solving your doubts! 💭

Although we have answered most of the questions you have asked us, you may still have some questions.

We aim to provide more detail to the community with each step. However, if you still have doubts, you can reread the article, look for information on our social networks or ask your questions to the community.

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