Ferrer-Bonsoms & Sanjurjo — Law Firm -

Ferrer-Bonsoms y Sanjurjo, Abogados is a leading law firm in blockchain and crypto aspects, is a founding member of BAS (Blockchain Arbitration Society) and has been working for years on crypto issues.

In the case of Bamboo Defi they have been in charge of all legal aspects, as well as accounting, tax, compliance, and money laundering regulations.

They also have knowledge of crypto taxation and international taxation.

Jesús Guardia — Technological Development -

He is Jesús Guardia, aka, Arkein, aka, Robotnik .

He is from Navarra currently living in Pamplona.

After studying Video Game Engineering, he finished a one-year title of Criminalistics. We didn’t ask why. And the latest was a short dubbing grade.

He has worked in many places, as a waiter, image editor, bar manager, miniature painter, cook, computing teacher, and even babysitter in schools.

He is also founder and president of a historical wargaming association here in Pamplona, and has organized some wargaming events. He is also working on some wargame mods for Tabletop…

Andrea Lamorgese -Marketing Developer -

Andrea aka. The Italian, graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarra. After a master’s degree in Screenwriting he started working in the fiction department of Atresmedia.

For a year he was evaluating and analyzing audiovisual projects for Netflix, Hbo, Appletv and Flooxer.

Then he was hired by LuckyRoad, a Spanish entertainment production company, to manage the communication of two of their main projects.

The following year he returned to Pamplona to take charge of the communications for the Faculty of Architecture at his university. He specialized in brand image and corporate communications.


María Alejandra Figueroa Ballesteros -CMO -

She is Maria Alejandra Figueroa, AKA, the little one.

She came from Colombia to finish her degree. Since then, she lives and resides in Pamplona.

Audiovisual Communicator from the University of Navarra, with an MBA in Business Management from the Catholic University of Murcia.

She worked in the area of audiovisual communication and production in places like Atresmedia and Antena3 in the news production department.

During her MBA Master she also worked at the Catholic University of Murcia in the Audiovisual Communication and Design department.

For two years, she worked at EasyFeedback, leading the…

Max.Supply ,Shop, Multichain and Bridge….

Good morning Bambooers ! Without further ado, let’s summarize the events of the last few weeks.


As you already know, BambooDeFi did not have a defined Max.Supply in the past, being an inflationary currency based on Farming.

The community decided days ago to set the MAX.Suppply at 30 Million Bamboo, which makes us a deflationary coin by definition, if we also take into account the BBYP burns. As you can see in CoinMarketCap, they have already updated the MAX.Supply, coingecko is pending to update it. …

As BambooDeFi users know, in the Governance section they have the space to propose changes and improvements for the project.

During this weekend there was a vote proposed by one of the users of the BambooDeFi community.

The proposal was: Set the max supply of BAMBOO tokens.

The options proposed by the user were:




The winning option was: 30,000,000 Bamboo to set the Max Supply of BambooDeFi.

We hope all users will continue to participate and exercise the governance they have in BambooDeFi.


Official Site: www.bamboodefi.com

Official TG: https://t.me/BambooDeFi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FiBamboo

Email: contact@bamboodefi.com

Nexxyo Labs: www.nexxyolabs.com

Gabriel, aka The Swiss Dad.

His work experience has been linked to design for a few years now, from product design in the world of patents and utility models, interior design and marketing work to web design for companies and third party platforms.

He is currently dedicated at NexxyoLabs to the development and design of web and mobile applications, helping with his freelance experience in the sector.

He is now focusing his work on the BambooDeFi platform, a tool for the decentralized economy that is looking to grow and expand and to which we are constantly adding features.

The spirit…

Today we would like to propose another type of voting for the BambooDeFi community.

More votes, more community and more Bamboo.

From the BambooDeFi team we want to propose to the community, the creation of an online store, for everyone who wants to feel part of the Bamboo family can do it.

In this link https://www.bamboodefi.com/pages/branding are already available all the logos and images related to the BambooDeFi brand. We hope that they can become logos for T-shirts, or put on a cap or on a mug. Bamboo is much more than just a coin.

The Online Store could be another way to support the BambooDeFi project, a way that will feed back into the Bamboo ecosystem.

Asier Aisa -DEV-

We continue with the presentation of the BambooDeFi team. Here is another one of our star programmers.

Asier aka Code Climber !

He has worked as web developer at Up International Education in the Alpha phase of zapatoons.es.

As a Helpdesk at HELPHONE, developed software in VR, customizations of moodle modules and proofs of concept in virtual tours of apartments at Microventures and SAP consultant at Oreka IT.

Senior technician in Networked Computer Systems Administration and senior technician in 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments.

“Since I was little my uncle told me to dedicate myself to video games, I…

Javier Larumbe — CTO

As we promised, besides giving you good news about BambooDeFi, we want to continue introducing the team behind our favorite animal: The Panda.

His name is Javier Larumbe, aka Gauss. — CTO -

He is our CTO of BambooDeFi.

He has worked as Test Engineer and programmer in military aeronautic projects, also he has developed control tools for wind turbines.

He has developed software in virtual reality and multimedia projects for Microventures. He participated in the development team of Nefertitys, an authenticity and traceability certification system through NFC chips.

He studied telecommunications engineering specializing in image and sound and graduated as a multiplatform application developer. Previously he worked with Daniel Valdes in a previous project related to blockchain and ATMs.

BambooDeFi Official

Nexxyo Labs is a software development company, based in Spain. We are developers of BambooDeFi,Aurora ATMs, OuterRing MMO, and Experiencia360.

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