In this new post we want to explain to you how Bridge works, the new feature added in BambooDeFi.

The operation of the bridge is very simple, in the side menu of the BambooDeFi Dapp, you will find the bridge icon (in the image below you will see it), from there you can access the bridge.

Once the bridge is selected, the application will take you to a general window with a screen like the one you will see in the following image.

ATTENTION!!! It is important that you remember to connect your…

We know the wait has been long, but we felt it was important that BambooDeFi was launched in the safest possible way for all our users.

BAMBOO’s contract at BSC is this:

As you can see in this wallet, there is the necessary amount to negotiate the bridges to BSC in the CEX in which we are currently listed and also contains sufficient amount to provide the liquidity contributions in Pancakeswap as discussed in previous posts. Once the bridges have been negotiated on the CEXs, the remaining BAMBOO will be burnt.

The initial liquidity ratio was : 29630.85 …

As you already know, soon we will be deploying Bamboo on the BSC network, that’s why from the Bamboo team we consider this post necessary.

Before we do it, we want to warn you and tell you that we already see a couple of BambooDeFi scams on the BSC network… That’s why it is important that when you are going to use BSC you choose and know well which is our contract and which is the original BambooDeFI, .

As we cannot do otherwise and scams will continue, we want to remind you and repeat that it is important to…

The results are:

No : 146.19k BAMBOO equivalent to 51.65%

Yes : 136.85k BAMBOO equivalent to 48.35%

Despite the negative vote, it should be noted that it is possible that an agreement could not be reached with the other project. They set conditions that we cannot accept. The safety of our users and the sustainability of BAMBOO are our priority.

Thank you very much to all of you for participating, it has been so far the vote with more participation.

The 5M bamboo for the absorption will not be needed and therefore will not be minted.

For the CEX´s bridges and Pancake’s initial liquidity, it will be necessary to mint 750k bamboo.

Stay Panda !

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Official TG:



Nexxyo Labs:

Hi Bambooers !

We have important announcements to make that require explanations to be can understood in depth.

BambooDeFi has the possibility to merge whit another project together with its community… This action implies a vote.

The adhession whit the project, would imply:

  • Obtaining new tools
  • The negotiation for the implementation of Bamboo in the CEXs where the other project is located.
  • The expansion of the Bamboo community.
  • The need to swap the tokens of the other project for Bamboo.

In the case that the vote is favorable, the way to face this merge by the Bamboo team will be…

Hello Bamboo Lovers!


Throughout this time we have been working to comply with the RESULT OF THE VOTE OF 03/15/2021 about the improvements in our platform.

In that vote three options were proposed in order to improve and convert BambooDeFi into a multichain platform.

In order to comply with the request and with the only goal we have which is to always improve and upgrade Bamboo DeFi, we want to announce that the Bridge to Binance Smart Chain is already finalized, so that in a few days the doors of Bamboo will be…

Bamboo Lovers!!!

As you well know, we shared with you some time ago the incredible news of BambooDeFi’s participation in a documentary that will be about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

It was not the only thing we told you about, we also told you about their project, besides being a great audiovisual project, it is a cryptocurrency project, we showed you their website and the documents where they explained to us in depth the project.

Stay tuned, this doesn’t end here… we will be uploading content about those days so you can see this experience and live it as if you…

On Wednesday, June 23rd, the following voting was launched for our Bamboo Lovers! You had until today, Friday, June 25, to vote and choose what you like the most!


Here are the product options, you have to choose all the products you would like to see in our store… Remember you can choose more than one!!

  1. T-Shirts = Mujer y Hombre
  2. Hoodies = Mujer y Hombre
  3. Mugs = Unisex
  4. Face Mask = Unisex
  5. Posters = Unisex
  6. Phone Cases = Unisex
  7. Bags = Unisex
  8. Mouse Pads = Unisex
  9. Bottles and Tumblers = Unisex
  10. Magnets and = Unisex

The result of…

We already told you that BambooDeFi will be present in a great documentary called Crossing The Yellow Blocks.

Now we want to tell you a bit more about this documentary and the project behind it.

What this project aims to do is to open the debate about decentralized repositories on the screen, touching different topics such as banking, identity and Blockchain assets.

In addition to this, they have made a CBK token, here is their whitepaper and yellowpaper so you can learn more about this great project.

This is important for you to know as we have been…

We’ve been saying this, and we will say it louder: great things are coming for BambooDeFi.

BambooDeFi team is always working to improve the project, and we haven’t stopped since the beginning. We keep developing new marketing strategies and listening to our users.

We know that’s the only way to make BambooDeFi grow and to have more users around the world.

That’s why we attended the AIBC Summit event, where we had the chance to meet new people and to introduce BambooDeFi among some of the greatest persons in the Cryptoworld.

But that is not all we have accomplished!


BambooDeFi Official

Nexxyo Labs is a software development company, based in Spain. We are developers of BambooDeFi,Aurora ATMs, OuterRing MMO, and Experiencia360.

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